So You Think You can Be a Dude?

Skin is Your Body's Largest Organ... Dude, Take Care of Your Organ!

OK, so if you liked our first ad spot, you know it's only getting better from here, right?

If you want a shot at being chosen to be one of the Dudes we film in future commercials, show us you mean business!  Buy a Dude Skin Care product (or many products preferably), take a selfie or have your partner film you using it, and share it with us at either @dudeskincare or post it to our Facebook feed.  If you want to get really creative, post a video to You Tube and let us know about it so we can give you props for it.  Just try to keep it clean so the FCC isn't after us, cool LOL?

You never know...As they say in the lottery, you gotta be in it to win it.  And if you want to have anywhere close to the fun that David our Dude had in filming about taking care of his largest organ, then you owe yourself the chance to become a star!  What's wrong with an expense paid trip to South Beach, and actually getting paid for your time? 

Show us you know how to take care of your largest organ!